Bugatti Announces First Deliveries of Divo Supercar

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Bugatti Announces First Round of Deliveries of Divo Supercar
Bugatti Announces First Deliveries of Divo Supercar

Buggati has announced a successful start to 2021 presenting the delivery of three of four Divo to customers through dealership partner Bugatti Beverly Hills.

Bugatti developed the Divo as an exclusive, highly customized, high-performance hyper sports car that revives the coachbuilding tradition of the luxury car manufacturer. Powered by Bugatti’s iconic eight-litre W16 engine with a power output of 1,500 PS and is limited to a top speed of 380 km/h.

In total, only 40 Divo will be produced at the Atelier in Molsheim at a unit price of 5 million euros each. The first deliveries of the hyper sports car took place in August 2020 and all Divo will have been delivered to their owners during the first months of 2021.

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