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Louis 200, 200th Birthday Celebration of Louis Vuitton

Louis 200, 200th Birthday Celebration of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is marking the bicentennial birth of the of its founder Louis Vuitton by celebrating his rich legacy and the history of the fashion brand with Louis: The Game, Louis 200 and a documentary entitled Looking For Louis

As part of the Louis 200 festivities, the Maison is showcasing 200 exclusive display windows created by 200 exceptional talents. The 200 contributors were given carte blanche to redesign the object, create interactions and spark dialogue, freely choosing their medium and techniques. In addition, Louis Vuitton has pledged to donate 10,000 euros in the name of each of the 200 visionaries to one of 15 non-profit organizations, making a total donation of two million euros.

Looking For Louis is an exclusive documentary that retraces the story of Louis Vuitton from his humble beginnings to international renown. With an intuition that luggage would assume growing importance thanks to the revolution in transport, Louis Vuitton developed a waterproof coated canvas and redesigned trunks with flat tops, setting the stage for an amazing success story.

The Maison drew inspiration from this initiatory journey to develop a platform game, Louis: The Game. Fusing advanced animation with two centuries of heritage, the game challenges participants to embark on an adventure through six imaginary worlds. Players can also collect fashion accessories and seek out one of the 30 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).



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