Mercedes-Benz Curved 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen

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Mercedes-Benz Curved 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen
Mercedes-Benz Unveils Next-Gen 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled it’s MBUX Hyperscreen available optionally on its upcoming all-electric flagship EQS. The Hyperscreen has been designed to bring drivers into the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz user experience high-tech infotainment system.

With the MBUX Hyperscreen, several displays appear to merge seamlessly, resulting in an impressive, curved OLED screen band over 56 inches wide, providing an especially brilliant image. All of the graphics are styled in a new blue/orange color scheme throughout. The classic cockpit display with two circular instruments has been refreshed with an all-new digital look.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and learn-capable software, enables the control and display concept to adapt to its user and make personalized suggestions for a variety of functions from infotainment, to comfort and even vehicle functions.

Mercedes-Benz has researched the usage behavior of the first MBUX generation, and learned that most of the use cases fall in the Navigation. Therefore, the navigation application is always at the center of the screen unit with full functionality for ease of use. To access the most important applications, the user scrolls through 0 menu levels which Mercedes-Benz calls the zero-layer. Over 20 further functions – from the active massage program to a birthday reminder, and suggestions for a to-do list – are automatically offered with the aid of artificial intelligence, if they are relevant to the customer.

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